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Well what a night, went out on my own, played some pool and hit some propper Tom Cruise shots and earned my title of pub hustler for the night.


Moved on to another pub and met a mate I havn't seen in over 12 years cos he lives in Thialand.


On the way to the kabab house I waded in on a fight and pull that apart, just kids realy so I felt safe enough to do it, and hung around to make sure nobody got too hurt and had to pull another one apart.


Got home without a kabab and sat drinking all my daughters friends beer and alchopops.


Man my head hurts this morning, the kitchens a tip and I can't do bacon and egg until its tidy.

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yeah I know but i'm getting too old for this now lol :rofl:


i used to be able to drink a couple of litres of vodka need and wake up with no hangover and now i'm stuck with aches all over for a whole day afterwards :(


Anyway when are me, eileen and dave coming up to come out on the town with you? :D


Hey that would be good mate but we don't have much of a town in sleepy ole Daventry.

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