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propshaft removal?

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exhaust off, heat shield off, bearing carrier bolts x 2, x6 allen bolts at rear then slide out prop from gearbox. Be prepared for exhaust bolts that may shear at connection to header pipes. Allign one piece with dial test indicator or be prepared to go back under and turn shaft 90 degrees until you remove any vibration you encounter on the road. My one piece was a transition fit into the small lipped cup that remained on the diff after removing the original, this and limited access to the diff/drive shaft securing bolts made for great difficulty in tightening down the supplied allen bolts each time I needed to re-allign the shaft. I recommend replacing any allen bolts with hex bolts so you can get a ratchet spanner on them. Also to be able to use the original 60 degree washers I had to file the outer edge so that they would slip into the previously mentioned small lipped cup as the one piece rear flange was somewhat thinner than the original. The one piece is alledged to be less able to absorb vibration than the original so it is better to work to a tighter tolerance for your shaft runout than the zx manual states.

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Guest Captain Slow

What is the plus to having a single prop?


I would assume that less power will be lost through the drivetrain as there are less parts, and therfore less friction....but I am interested.

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standard front pipes and cats. I have took one of the rear sections off and with the other one off i should be able to get the big heat shield off above the cats. Then will just have to drain the gearbox oil and pull the prop out without hitting the cats.

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