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IT help please

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My laptop HD died today (for no good reason!), but i thought i would be ok as I have an image of it taken using backup software before it died. Problem is I connect the harddrive (with the image on) to a pc and it doesn show up in explorer. It shows up fine in disc management (with the correct partitions etc and as a basic disc, healthy etc..) but doesnt show in explorer.


I dont want to convert it to a dynamic disc as that would alter the imaged drive, and the option to mark as active is grayed out.


not sure what to do, i have checked and double checked the bios, but all is well and like i said it shows in disc manger. Help as i need this imaged disc to work so i can copy the image back to my laptop harddrive.

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Kinda not really im afraid, i think its more down to the fact that as this drive is imaged it has an mbr etc and windows doesnt want to see it as it will get confused as to which is the system drive, thats certainly how it seems. In the good old dos days copy *.* plus fixmbr would have sorted me but no help now!

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Angus is right. Regardless of whether it has an MBR or not. XP should see it and assign a drive letter. If it does not, then assign one via the Disk Manager Snap In.


TBH, it will prob be a bit more involved than that and you will need to image that backup onto a new drive for your laptop, using something like Ghost.


If you need more help, feel free to PM me with your number and I'll talk you through it.



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Cheers guys, xp didnt assign the drive a letter and ive no idea why. I made the image of the disc using acronis true image. Nice bit of software and created an exact copy of the drive including all partitions etc.


The only way i found to restore my image was to download a copy of norton ghost 2003 which thankfully uses DOS (heros operating system as it never lets you down!) to do the copy. It worked fine and restored the drive which is now sat back in my laptop.


Strange that the disc would show up in disc manager but didnt have a drive letter?

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