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hi bud,

personally id go for the covers luke borg sells at the zed center.made by katzkin in the states.the nippon map holders on the rear of the seats look naff as the sides are corrugated!.but its your choice at the end of the day.bear in mind if you want any retrim kit to fit nice you might wanna get some extra foam for the squabs as the originals compress and when you fit your new covers there slacker than a wizards sleeve.

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yeah pete was looking for about £420 for plain black and luke is after £590. hmmmm


trust me petes from nippon are eveyr bit as good as the z centre ones ;) there are loads of people on here with his interior including me until a few weeks ago :)



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superb, i got him to retrim my seats, think it cost me £580 and he delivered them ;) top bloke and there a great fit





thanks bud...was thinking of getting him to fit them, but he waz charging a fortune to do it..so going to do it myself...hopefully they are not tooo difficult to fit..



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Cant fault Petes seats and service.

Seen him today again actually, and he fitted my new red/black leather seats - can post pics if you want.

Quality is spot-on - good fit - good quality leather.

dont know about Lukes but I will go back to Pete everytime I change my car :)

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got mine from nippon autos too with enough extra leather to do a retrim on door cards etc........


took an afternoon to fit the seat covers, its a fairly big job but its really easy enough to do.....


look at my rides to see the results, top bloke he is too.....



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