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Anyone got sky broadband?

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Guest Dave Marley

You're probably with Wanadoo using a standard BT connection. What Sky Broadband, Bulldog, etc do is called Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) and it means that they put their own equipment in the exchange and can offer different broadband packages to those BT can. Wanadoo are also unbundling exchanges, so if it says you can't get Wanadoo, it just means you can't get Wanadoo's LLU service on your exchange.


For example, BT have a service called ADSL Max, which is up to 8Mbps. Unless you are on an unbundled exchange, that's the fastest ADSL you can get. However, you can get 20+Mbps with Sky, Bulldog, Be, etc if you have their LLU service.

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