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Going smooth....people's views?

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This mod is as subtle as it gets, but a few have said they aren't keen. One of my big pet hates on the Zed is that horrible finish on the lower parts of the bumpers and sills. It's more noticable on dark coloured cars rather than light colours, you don't really notice on my pearl white, but I just want that even shine rather than the moddled effect.


So, I am going to smooth down the bumpers as per Daves_zed. Only difference is, I am going to retain the dark pin-stripe, so it's not noticable so much, just want the lower part not to look poorly finished.


I think it looks great and is only noticable to the trained eye. But doesn't stick out.









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Someones stalking me :D :rofl:


The only reason that I don't have the black pin stripe, is that I haven't got any at the moment, but it will be going back on :D


BTW- The second pic down was taken just after I'd brought it home from the bodyshop, and typically, it stated to rain! :headvswal


Best of luck Si. :cool:

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Well on the bumpers, it's moulder into the plastic. It's barely a few thousand microns deep, so sanding it will not effect the rigidity of the bumper at all. The sills, mine were already done by the last owner. Seems fine. Dave's also got the Z mud flaps. I thought about getting those, but leaving them off for now.


Since mine never gets driven in the winter where the grit and crap is present, the finish should last. Not all cars have stone chips stuff on there. You can get impact paint I think which you can add to normal paint which enables to the paint to 'give' a little bit. Bit like plastesiser.

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I like it smooth think it looks good, how did you smooth it?, i got the same colour Z and im in the process of smoothing the pinstripe recess Iv'e already done the front bumper and it look great.


I like the pinstripe and recess. Gives the car some lines lower down and breaks it up a bit. Mine will hardly look any different, will just have a nicer finish on the lower parts of the bumpers.

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... Daves looks really sweet, how is the paint standing up to the test of driving though as i thought it was different paint to be more resistant to stone chips..?

Thank you.

As Si says, I have the mud flaps on. When I first got it back they wern't on and it started to show on the wheel arch areas a bit, but nothing along the sills, now the flaps are on anyway it's no problem. I can't see it damaging the paint any more than normal bodywork. Mines my daily driver these days so it gets quite a bit of punishment.

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When I re-sprayed my car I had to sand it smooth because the flakes made it bumpy, it’s smoother than it normally would be which match’s the 99 spec front bumper. I also had to find a sign maker to cut me some black matt vinyl strips because nobody makes coach lines anymore.



No one makes pin-stripes anymore???? Really? Christ! Best get on the case then really as I want them back on. I want as close to original as possible...anthacite I think it is.


Do you have any close ups of your rear bumper by any chance?

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