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Burning CD's

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Trying to burn an audio CD and have used Nero 7. The files are MP3 etc and play fine using Windows Media or Winamp. I've burned the CD and on the very first track it has some jumps in it, exactly like if you bumped a record player. I have it set to write on single speed if that makes a difference.


Cheers for any help.



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It isn't the quality of the CD's. I had exactly the same problem. You could probably record the CD again on high quality disks, but it will still jump and probably in the same place.


I tried everything,high quality media and I even reinstalled NERO, in the end I searched all the techie forums and found out it was NERO that was at fault. The latest versions have a problem with converting MP3 to CDA.


Install an older version of NERO, this fixed it for me. Any media works fine..

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