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Excel password problem


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I set a password last night on an Excel spreadsheet what with it being of a personal nature, banking stuff etc, thats took me 5 hours to create. This morning when I typed the password in, its telling me that the password is incorrect when I know its right.


Its Excel 2002 (XP) if that helps....


I have tried downloading some password hackers from Limewire but all that does is install viruses!!! :slap:


Have you guys got any utilities/tools to help??? :confused:

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I got a setup at work for breaking passwords mate

up to you if you want me to do it - i would need the file, however I got all my stuff from torrent sites ;)


sometimes, a password will not work if the file is corrrupted - it rejects all passwords - Ive had that before

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Hi Guys


I am currently running through the software that Jay pointed me towards, its been running for 24hours and has covered 16 billion different passwords to date!!! Still hasnt cracked it, my processor is cooking its arse off!! lmao!


I'll keep you all posted...



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