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MOT in morning and car wont fire :-(

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Car won't fire up, and its mot first thing in morning and I have to go to work now till 10pm :headvswal

Any pointers guys as I am writing this and should be driving to work :p

Car been stood for about 9 months.

Brand new battery and its turning over but wont fire.

Who can save me :D

Please, Please, Please

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Cancelled MOT :cry:

Changed ECU, still don't start.

Auto Electrician came round to fix headlamp problem....didnt fix it and said get it started, leave it outside my house at weekend and I'll keep tinkering about with it, then went on to say he did a job on one of these cars before and changed the cambelt and ended up smashing the engine up and the customer had to scrap it. WTF

Right how do I start the feckin car :confused: :D

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I have 2 green jerry cans of v-power to put in but thought I'd try to start it first anyway. Should be ok mixed should'nt it?



Mixing will be fine.


With motorbikes if you let them stand for a few months, the fuel often goes stale and they won't run. Modern fuel has lots of additives which evaporate apparently.


Drain the carb, put fresh fuel in and they fire straight up.


I don't know if this applies to cars as well.... just a thought!

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I may be free some time this week end. You want some help? I could be the mate who turns your key? ;)


Cheers Stuart!, should be OK for a lift at the weekend but as you have probably guessed I'm a bit lost :p

I cleaned all the spark plugs last night and made sure they had no moisture on them. Sprayed a few connectors, etc.....

Going to take the induction pipes off tonight so I can get at the PTU and the CAS to clean connectors on them, and may even open up the PTU to see what condition its in.

When I filled up with the jerry cans the fuel tank had been pressurised with me trying to start it that morning. I have now disconnected my battery cos I have not heard the pump prime since so I will see if it primes again when I connect battery back up, I think fuel wise its o.k.?

Just a bit peeved I'm doing all this cos I bought a brand new battery and though it would fire up straight away. (silly me lol)

May take you up on your offer though ;) :D

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I think you should go and work on your car instead Paul!



Ended up leaving it till this morning (the working on car ;) )

Well its started up no probs this morning :hyper:

cough It was due to the fact that I put the fuel hoses on the wrong way around. cough


OK enough of that :p


Thanks for your help guys and your very kind offer Stuart!

Noticed a couple of small probs will start a new thread (will it never end :confused: )


Drove it out into street and was going to take a pic but I forgot to take my phone out with me, also I was wet through! stopped raining now though :rolleyes:

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