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NZ - Citroen Xantia electrical problem

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Sorry to ask about a pretty french tin shed but its my dad's :)


I was driving my dad's Citroen Xantia turbo diesel ('93). When driving back home only the headlights worked. After 2 miles all the electrics stopped working and lots of white smoke came out of the bonnet. So i stopped the car. Until i did that the car rann fine. I tried to start the engine but it would not turn over. Me and dad used a charged spare battery but it would not turn over. Once we tried to start the engine in gear. The engine bucked back on its mounted that would seem to indicate the starter motor is ok.


Any ideas plz.

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The head gasket is a weak spot on these cars, do the usual checks for oil in the water, water level and mayonaise in the oil filler.


Citroen electrics are also dodgy with one of the worst items being the ignition switch - they tend to run all the current through it with virtually no relays - result burnt out contacts.


Was it smoke or steam that came out the bonnet ?


150K miles is nothing for one of these engines (head gasket permitting). People often talk about them having 75-100K more life in them at that stage. If the clutch and headgasket last then they go on forever, that's why so many get used as private taxis.

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Well the Xantia's black magic still lives. Pop joined the AA last night and got them to diagnose that the starter motor was duff. It's been replaced and the car is once driving.


Odd though as last night the starter motor was able to jerk the engine when we tried to start it in gear. Ah well it was a cheap repair.

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