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Does paint stripper damage fibreglass?

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in a nutshell yes.

The polymer that binds the fiberglass is very similar to that used in most celulose paints.


You apply the stripper using a roller to get an even coat, then you MUST remove the layers of paint before the stripper eats down to the fiberglass layers. If you burn the glass you will make it weaker in that area and it is more prone to brake but more likely to expand and contract differently to the other areas. This will be disastorous for any new paint applied as it will crack.

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I would imagine it would. B&Q sell paint stripper that is water based and will work on plastic ;)




Will that be ok for fibreglass? I guess the gelcoat is plastic based, so I've probably answered my own question. Not worked with fibreglass EVER, so excuse my ignoranc towards it.


Thanks Deve.

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