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does this guy think im mad that im going to reply to his scam?

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This is for your attention


Through some discreet search from my local chambers

of commerce and having obtained your contact from the

Internet. I contacted you because you bear the

surname identity and therefore can present you as the

beneficiary to the Estate, since there is no written



Presently in my bank here in the United Kingdom we

have an estate, which has remained unclaimed since

2004. And the estate will be converted to UNCLAIMED

DEPOSIT and therefore forfeited if nobody comes

forward to lay claim to the deposit before the end

of this financial quarter, as is the practice and

also indicated in the European Union banking



I wish to notify you of a Deal between You and me

to put in claims for payment with your name as the

beneficiary to the total sum of US$5,500,000.00 (Five

million, Five Hundred Thousand) in the intent of the

deceased (name now withheld since this is our second

letter to you).


I contacted you because you bear the surname identity

and therefore can present you as the beneficiary to

the inheritance since there is no written will.



All the papers will be processed in your acceptance.

In your acceptance of this deal, we request that you

kindly forward to us your letter of acceptance, your

current telephone and fax numbers and a forwarding

address to enable us file necessary documents at our

high court probate division for the release of this

sum of money in your favor.


Yours faithfully


Mr. King Neal


Tel: +44 701113 0195


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This transaction can be concluded within 2 weeks.My question are:-


1. can you handle this project?


Buddy, I have lead troops into Saigon, single handedly taken out entire triad gangs armed only with a spoon and once, whilst staying on my Uncle Ned's farm, I helped deliver a calf in the dead of night with the moon as our only source of light.


So what makes you think I can't handle this project of yours??!!!


Btw, what was this project again, I'm happy to help out but please remember I have to be in bed by 9 on school nights (on weekends I allowed to stay up to 10)?


Oh and will I have to kill anybody? Not that I'm a wuss, it's just if I've got to kill anybody I would like some warning so I can start meditating to help put myself in 'the zone'. You know what I'm talking about, don't you killer?!?


2.can i give you trust?


Was that meant to be 'trust' or 'thrust'? If you meant 'thrust' then I don't know, that sounds kind of a gay, would you have to touch my pee-pee, cause I'm not sure I'd like that. Or then again maybe I would. Tell you what send me a photo. Maybe I can give you some thrust too


3.can you keep this business as very confidential?


You bet I can. I'll have to tell my Mom cos I agreed after that incident with my Cousin Louise that there wouldn't be any more secrets between us (btw Cousin Louise decided to keep the baby afterall, which makes me a proud father, cept I'm not allowed to see the baby or Cousin Louise for that matter ).


But apart from my Mom I promise I won't tell anybody else.


Just out of interest could I tell my friend Jimmy? I mean only if he asks. He's a good friend, I know you'd like him (maybe you could give him some thrust too?).


4.If you can sponsor this transfer, is 25% acceptable to you, as your commission?


I dunno, I was thinking more like a quarter, but if 25% is your best offer I guess I can go along with that. But I want it all in 5 dollar bills and that's US dollars btw not some stupid outer mongolian dollar or anything like that. I'm not a freakin idiot so don't please treat me like one, ok?


If you can promise to do that then maybe we can do business.


PS please don't forget the photo, you've got me feeling kind of horny


*thrusts* *thrusts*

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