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Spare EFI Connector

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I replaced the EFI wiring loom a couple of weeks ago and everything runs fine although there was a spare connector which wasnt on the old loom. Just wondering if someone might shed some light on why it was there?




Thanks guys.

wastegate actuator plug


the other two you are holding is o2&vvt leads

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Thanks guys for all the help :)

but this is really bugging me now...


I have located the wastegate actuator plug further forward on the loom.

This plug is identical.

See schematic i just created below, mystery plug is marked red:


(I believe the loom may be for LHD as there is excess at the battery and i had to extend the PRVR solenoid lead.)




Maybe a useful pic for people trying to find connectors, might have a go at tidying it up a bit ;)

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ok after much searching i believe this is:


Exhaust Gas Temp Sensor


for a California model Zed, i believe no other zed's have this sensor hence nowhere to plug it on my Jap-Spec :)


Possibly useful advice if anyone else changes their harness and wonders what it is for! Also you now have a nice EFI schematic if you want to save it :)


(updated the above picture)

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