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apexi rsm

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hi ! i was just wondering has any one fitted one of these to there car ? as i bought one the weekend an fitted it as instruckted and the car would not start but as soon as removed the car startd no problems.can any one help ?


i take it you have taken the RPM feed from the ECU?


i would imagine if you have an alarm fitted it may be interfering with the wireing


check and make sure you are connecting the correct wires to the correct pin outs on the ECU :cool:

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yep i got the rpm feed from the ecu alrite. and i checkt over all the wireing from the manul an they were all corect,im baffled at this stage. how would it be interfearing with the alarm ? as i do have an alarm fitted.has any one fitted one of these to there 300 be for ?


yes me, what alarm have you got?


secondly, do you have any lights on the dash when you turn the key to position 2?

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oh did you yeh ! the alarm is called sikura.yes i get all the lights and the car will turn over it just wont start,and when its un wired the car starts first turn of the key.


whilst its connected up, have you checked for spark or fuel, it might determine what the problem may be,


when your hooking up the wires to the ECU check the wire your using back from the main harness for any wires that have been added to the loom?


i still think wireing is incorrect..


a)wrong pins to the ECU



if you have followed the instruction's from the apexi rsm manual, i would consider following a simple colour chart, theres one on the forum if you do a search!



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