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platinum spark plugs

Guest NA_Kins

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i just bought a set an was wondering whats the average life expectancy of em i use the car every day 30-40 miles its an na an i run it on V-power or similer stuff?? thanks in advance :D

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i bought a set of iridium ones which are twice as expensive then platinum, what is the difference, between them iknow iridium ones has melting poitn much higher than platinum, i have a 90 tt, i drive around 10-15 miles everyday, i also run 93 octane fuel, how would this help my car, and how long will they last me? thanks veyr much

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Nissan recommend changing them at 60k miles, although some people here running high power ZXs would probably change them at half that.


Otherwise I'd stick with Nissan guidlines.


Richard :cool:

I have something to say............ It's better to burn out than to fade away..... :tt2:

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Interesting. Read a poll on here re Platinum V Iridium. Followed the poll majority vote and fitted Iridium. From the getgo my ride idled poorly. I lived with that, given that I believed it performed better. Two months along my Z starts to run very poorly, (see previous thread from myself) asked advice online and was advised to slip back the old Platinum's. Decided not to slip them back in, decided to get a set of brand spanker's. Good Ol' NGK Platinums. My ride once again purring nicely, and roaring playfully when required. So, in closing, my point is,............................., try both, as clearly different Z's have a character all their own and will let you know what they like.

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