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Over heating

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Hi Guys


My car is giving me trouble and it's really strange.


I drove to Plymouth on Friday and the car overheated 4 times. Yeah I know what you are thinking, why did I carry on driving. Well I'm sure I know what the problem is.


Where the cap fits onto the rad the plastic has worn away and the cap doesn't fix on properly. So when she gets hot the pressure must force up the cap and the water is getting out there.


So I just kept stopping at certain intervals and letting her cool down before I topped her up again.


Anyway I thought that I would drive back in the middle of the night to avoid traffic and the heat. On the way back she didn't over heat once and I drove all the way back to London.


Oh it should be noted that on the way there I had the AC on and no the way back I didn't.


But to night I drove her for about 20mins and she got hot again. AC off until about 5mins before I gto there. Oh and no problem on the way back - AC off.


Anybody got any thoughts. I have to top her up with loads of water, about 5litres every time I go out.


Thanks in advance for your help.





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if you keep driving you will buckle your poor ally heads, infact you probably have already ^^as above wheres the leak, if the rad cap or rad neck has worn you shouldnt drive the car until its fixed otherwise a bill of around £1400 is inevitable :slap:

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last thing you want on is the AC


if your car is overheating, first thing to do is whack the heaters on full blast to draw as much heat away from the engine, then pull over, and dont top up when hot, otherwise damage to the heads/engine will more than likely occur

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i allways though that when the zed was over heating it automaticly kicked on the a/c fan to help cool it down atleast when my temp sen malfunctioned it kicked it on for me


yes but do you think a little black fan will do alot when your car is boiling :rofl:

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