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WTF, something moving in my salad.

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Thank Christ i have a good stomach.


Went to a local pub for a meal with the girfriend last night.

We both had prawn salad for starters. Anyway drinking and filling our tums, i got to within 3 mouthfulls of finishing it. When i looked down and saw something moving on a my plate.


To which i said quite loudly "what the fook?" girlfriend said "oi calm down, not so loud" but i said "its moving" we both looked at my plate to see a worm or about 4cm heading for the last prawn. :hurl:


she instantly stopped eating and became a strange colour, i took the plate to the bar and saw the boss, to which he said " Can i help you", i then showed him that i had someone else on my plate for dinner. His face dropped, and he took the culprit of my plate, and stormed into the kitchen. Next thing lots of shouting and banging around. When he returned he was very apologetic, and stated that there would be no charge whatsoever for our entire meal, including drinks.


At the end of the meal, the manager, bought us a bottle of champayne and two glasses. He was good as gold and kept on saying sorry. NO CHARGE.


I will still eat there as its the best pub grub ive had.


Thinking about it today, was that the only one with the prawn salad, or were ther others? Either way, i think i will check my food carefully.

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Thats minging , good that the manager treated you so well.


I remember when me and a mate went to this big party he was stuffing down these volavonts (if thats how you spell it) he just took a bite of one as i turned to face him and there it was a hair sticking out of his mouth "i said whoaaaaa stop eating" he looked puzzeled so i grabed the end of the hair and started to pull it the look on his face went from happy to sick and pail and it was stuck between his teeth so as it came out you could hear it squeaking and feel it vibrating when it was out it was about 18" or so long out of one volavont he ran out side and puked his gutts up and as far as i know he's never eaten a volavont again .

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