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Bloody Hi-Tech gadgits

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Well I aint looked in here much lately (bet no fookers noticed :cry: ) 2 reasons....been a bit busy with home improvements :mad: and this dam wireless router I brought started playing up, internet access meant running the cable across the lounge to the desk top kids trippin over wife moaning like fook.


Well I tried everything a I could think off myself and all the repair tools that the Belkin software offered with no success, so today I started to disconnect everything to box up and shove up PC Worlds ar5e, Ah, whats this little hole in the back of the router, you know the one, just big enough to get the end of a pen in, yes the one that says.....FOOKIN RESET!!!!!! :headvswal



Well here I am :slap: Nice to see you all again!


Oh yeh while I was away I became 50, I dont worry about it I just concider myself 2 x 25 ;)

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agreed - mac security is an extra but takes seconds to break.

WEP is pretty piss poor but better than none.

Disabling broadcast of SSID is something some people do to, but again - takes seconds to find with the right tools.

Depending on brand of router you can lower signal power etc.


At the end of the day - WPA2 is the safest way to go ...... for now :)

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