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uk and jap rads

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i thought the uk spec car's had bigger or better rad's ,oil cooler's etc ...as you need a oil cooler on a j spec auto ????????? :confused:


or is the N/A rad smaller or bigger than a TT one ...????




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Quote from the Stillen site

"Extra-cooling, heavy duty 300zx radiator. The 300ZX Twin Turbo is a world-class supercar, capable of tremendous power with moderate modifications. If you are going to be racing or pushing the limits of performance, you need greater cooling capacity. This oversize radiator increases cooling capacity by seventeen-percent. Designed originally for the 300ZX Twin Turbo models shipped to Europe for running high-speed on the Autobahn, the radiator will keep the engine in its optimum operating range even under such extreme conditions. Application: 90-96 300ZX Twin Turbo Manual Transmission, 90-96 300ZX Twin Turbo Automatic Transmission" unquote


is what it said - sorry the link above doesnt work right

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Stillen quote re rad

The 17% uprating for Europe may or may not be correct. Or maybe its all in the matrix density and it otherwise looks the same. Maybe also that Import ones were never intended to cruise at over 112mph hence the apparently smaller cooling, smaller oil cooler and no diff oil cooler.


It was an upgrade for Europe, but not us. It was mainly zeds supplied to Germany cos it was believed that with them having the unlimited autobahns, they would need more efficient rads, in that case, why didn't any Manx zeds get em :D

edit, doh just re read yer post, me twit!


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