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Lambo Light Wiring Trouble

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My headlamps arent working properly on the car, this could be due to the rear lights not being wired up correctly (by me :wack: ).

Has anybody done this conversion and recorded where they put the wires?

I have looked at it until I'm blue in the face and can't seem to get anywhere.

Reverse Light comes on same thime as indicators (hazards). I cannot check indicators properly as my indicator stalk dont work.

Is everything related?

Have I fooked up big time?

There is an auto electrician who lives at the top of my street, wonder how much he charges :p

Any help guys.......please :)

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alright mate?


have just done mine and everything works fine.


First thing to checkis the fuse.....


3rd along from front of car on the top row, if the frontlights work theen it's not that, if you turn on the head lights and it's always in main beam then def the fuse.


if you have the LED rear lights from luke, you do know its not a leagle requirement to have a reverse light! i have mine wired uup as the 4 inner rings are all indicatorsand the 4 outer rings are lights and break lights.


do you have the 100ohm resistor?


if you need a more detailed wireing guide let me know and i'll talk you through it.





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No Neil not the LED ones.

These lambo lights were originally from a guy in Preston and he was selling on ebay only. He made a post on here to sell the moulds, I then shat myself as I really wanted em and drove to preston (not far) to buy his last set he had left. lol

I think he sold them to Luke after all :nelson:


I have put them on like the top picture.

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Was everything working ok before the change?

Can you plug the old ones back in to test?


No, I threw them out,lol

I knew about the reversing light but forgot. But it was'nt a problem I just thought I would sort it out properly as I am having all sorts of light related problems (god know why fine before disconnecting battery) and maybe they are related.

The last time I drove the car it was back from being resprayed, he had the headlights out but I never though to test them, it was light outside when I drove home?

Got another thread going about my headlamps which I'm going to continue when the rears are ok.

Fed up, wish my memory was better as I used to have a clue about how to use a multi meter. :slap:

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