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how much electricity...?

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Im getting round to installing my carputer in the zed and a few of the items im adding have cigeratte lighter adapters. I was wondering if i could just create like a little "busbar" from the cigertte lighter and connect them from this one power source..


Im just wondering if it is feasable or if i should try and source some other ignition switch power circuits in the car...


Ref. im looking at running touchscreen power, laptop charger and maybe my usb hub from the lighter..


Thanks andy

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The screen can be run from the same source as the head unit... Mine does.

laptop is running of the ciggy lighter socket (hardwired out of site)

I bought an unpowerd USB hub as the cozult cable doesn't draw any power.


Audio (ground loop?) interference is the next hurdle...

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You will be better running a direct (fused) live cable to the battery and earth to the chassis this will help eliminate any noise that can be passed through the audio side, also the cable from the loom to the cigarette lighter isnt designed to run the amps you require for long periods


Hope this helps



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Thanks guys n girls. My amps are already set up in the car using a switched live from the battery and earthed direct to the batery as well. Its more the removal of my headunit and fitting of the pc im working on.


Il be feeding my amps froma creative 5.1 soundcard connected via usb to the laptop, then rca to the amps so im hoping this setup should work nicely...



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