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A Couple of Questions

Guest kelsm

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Just bought a 300z n/a manual Jap import


Fistly I have an aftermarket apex st/st system. Can anyone guide me the right way for a chip or ecu upgrade.

Thanks In advance to frstly de-limit the car and secondly to get the best out of the exhaust system

I have already bought a replacement dial in mph and after reading some of the threads I didn't want to fit the delimiter chip at the back of the clocks

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Hello mate, welcome aboard.

congratulations on the purchase.


There aren't many chips around for the NA and I don't think you gain a huge amount from remapping them anyway. There are some available however (Devin does one I think, but I could just be talking sh1t).


Best thing to start with, to match that nice exhaust is to make sure you've got an uprated air filte/induction kit. that should make a small difference.


Once you have paid the £20 to subscribe on here (the best money you will spend on the Zed!) you will be able to access the NA specific tuning area where there is a wealth of information.


HTH Mike...

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He can do a complete fit but prefers you to get someone local, its a lot more expensive for Danny to do it as he has to use someone with test equipment to make sure its perfect before sending it back and it will take over a week I guess with postage, a tv repair shop should be able to do it for you for a drink but best to ask Danny in the traders forum for exact details (I think he may be away for a couple of days) btw I have one of his chips and 100% recommend it.

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