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I'm going to buy a 300zx - couple of Q's

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Hey guys,


Registered recently. I currently own a renault clio v6 mk1 (rwd, 3.0 24v n/a v6, mid engined, 230bhp). I'm liking rwd although I think a v6 clio is not the one for me considering there is so much weight in the back they can very very easily be spun and die at islands etc.


I've never owned a jap car or had a car with a turbo let alone two.


I rang my insurance company (i'm 22 with 2 years no claims) and can get insured on a twin turbo 300zx no problem. They did refuse to insure me on an imported one. It has to be a UK car apparently.


So now i'm looking for a minter or a 300zx, uk standard, has to be manual. I have upto about £10k to spend on one but ideally i'd prefer to get one for about £6-7k maximum.


Is it best to go for a car which has already been rebuilt? What are these engines and boxes like? Can they be reliable as with most jap cars I read about you got a lot of issues with them and require rebuilding.


For the amount of money i've spent, what amount of miles should I be looking at on a car?


I'd preferably want one with as little mods as possible for insurance reasons at the moment. The ones I see for sale tend to have huge spec's of mods.


p.s - what's the best coilover kit to buy for these cars? In the passed on various cars i've used Fk, H&R, Leda. Leda being by far the best.


Appreciate any advice you can give.


I'll have a think of any more questions as i'm sure I have loads in my head but just can't think of them at the moment.


:stop's rambling on about utter shite:

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£10,000 on a 300ZX? Wow!


You should be able to get a very nice one there, but for an untouched UK you may have to wait a while to find it, but it will be worth the wait. Have a look at our forsale section and keep an eye on Auto Trader, as some very nice standard Zs come up for sale there. Most UK are rusty to hell if they havent been maintained, so you are looking at getting one which has had work done to it. I dont think any 15 year old cars out there which wont need work.


As for engine, my one did 180,000 before I decided to rebuild it, and even then it was because the compression was down, and smoking very slightly. It still pulled like a train though.


My advice is to hold off for a few weeks and read and ask questions to learn about the car.

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I've read the buying advice guide and took into account some points on there. For the money i'm spending i'd be looking at a late 300zx. Is it better to go for say a later 300zx like a 94?


Are there different models? Do they all have a t-bar?


If you have time please look at the original questions I asked in my first post.



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welcome to the club mate. be careful as the 300ZX can be very tail-happy if youre not watching what you're doing - sometimes with some sad consequences.

but dont let that put you off buying such a wonderful car ;) good luck in your search.


he will know all about tail hapy if he owns a clio v6 :)

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hmm, might be worth looking at different insurers too so you can look at imports. That'll give you a much wider selection and you can also look at the SWB which is a bit more agile.

Just don't buy the first one you see, get a feel for the cars and keep an eye on the for sale section on the board :)

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280bhp 0-60 5.5 all approx. (get different figures in every publication!)


welcome to the club!


as deve8 says, all uk cars were 2+2 tt targa tops. imports can be a variety, from targa tops and slicktops, n/a and tt, swb and lwb


tein seem to be the best regarded coliovers.


even for 6-7k you should be looking at some very good cars. def a good idea tokeep the other 3k for servicing/mods

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Good to see someone interested in a Z, I’ve had two 300zx TT and some might say I’m lucky but I’ve had not problems. The first one was an auto and the one I have now is a manual. A lot of people will say the manuals are the one to have but the auto are still quick and fun to drive, so I wouldn’t rule out an auto. I think if you want a UK model there might be more of a chance it will be a manual, an auto if it’s a Jap model.

Most Jap cars come in with about 50k on the clock a UK will most likely be higher.


Good Luck mate



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Guest andyduff

There are FAR more autos out there than manuals! Even the UK models had more autos than manuals. Of course you could always buy an auto and convert it to manual no probs ;)


If you are buying UK then look for rust on the sills, get the car in the air and have a damn good poke where the sills meet the floor pan with a screwdriver. Especially around the ends...


Otherwise just the usuall checks....

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thanks guys and love your car stellaz, i'm currently talking to someone who has a uk tt white 300 on 70k, just replaced both turbos and it has an auto box but he will put in a manual one all for £6k. He's one of the 300 tuners I beleive.




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mine is a uk manual, and i waited a long time for it, so really worth waiting for


how many miles has yours done? how many had it done when you bought it?


Do you think around 90-100k miles is a lot for a uk manual tt?


I could throw some cash at the car restoring the engine if its needed to get it running propper. Could also get some engine work done whilsts its out :)

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Hi Chris ,

I think you would be better off waiting and searching for the right one to come along.

I was looking for 3 months before I finally opted for a manual import, (I was on a limited budget though) n/a with 60K mile

Only mods done are Apexi St/St exhausts

I wanted a totally standard one and this was as close as I could get(sounds sweet though)

Keep looking the right one will come along.

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