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Vauxhall Monaro Vxr

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was watching a episode of topgear where they were testing a vauxhall monaro vxr which has a 6 litre v8 with 400 hp 0-60 in 5 secs 180+ mph against a s13 & rx7 both with 500 hp which were from a drifting club, one one of the experienced drifting drivers went out in the monaro & was very impressed with it, so whats your opinions on the monaro would you buy one ?? also they look very similar to the Holden hsv ??

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they look similar because they are the same car re badged and slightly altered , they are a hooligan of a car ...a cheap M5 ..lots of low down grunt and can be easily tuned to produce over 600 for reletively little money.......thirsty on the fuel and tyres, but 4 proper seats and reliability built in ....i like them . they remind me of the lotus carlton in concept ..

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They are originaly badged as a holden.There is one near me which is super charged.Funny thing happened i drove one of the normal monaros when i worked for vauxhall didnt think much of it so turned traction control of thinking i was the man...lol.

Floored it arround a slight bend the back end went and i smashed a kerb whoops.Drove it back to work with a big chunk out of the rim worrying as car was sold.But luckily another mechanic drove car onto ramp but hit arm of ramp.So i walked over and blamed him for wheel damage.He looked suprised as he only just caught it.

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Yup as has been said, they've been the Holden HSV for some time now over in Aus. Infact, Holden Special Vehicles having been making the high performance saloong (Commadore) with the HSV unit inside. Similar car to the Omega. The 6.0 is relatively new, the older 5.7 is basically an LS1 engine.


It's also sold in the states as the Pontiac GTO, but hasn't sold very well over there for some reason which you think it would.


I do actually prefer the Lotus Carlton for some reason....mainly for its looks.

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