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Help with Autometer temp gauge

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Ok,i have fitted a Autometer temp gauge (one with black screen, that then all lights up when ign on)the sender has 2 wires one black(sheathed)one white(sheathed)wired all in and left black till last(intructions a tad vague but i assumed white wire went to S(sender)on gauge)black to earth,so with ign on i ran a test on black wire before fixing to body,it showed 4 to 5v through it :confused: ,so without it connected and engine running the gauge will not move up(gauge does light up and needle moves to say start point when power on)am bit worried to actualy connect the black wire to car body,anyone else fitted a sender with two wires from it or can shed some light on this,cheers,Tony :)


ps,sorry if it seems question a tad muddled ,bloody knackerd.

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Ok chaps,all working,very nice gauge when lit up,went for a blast,about half an hour,plenty of WOT and temp not goes above 70c :dance: , happy that i no longer have to keep looking at the crap OEM gauge just in case it darts to top without warning :D



Tony :cool:

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