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Another Smoking Problem

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im getting a pale grey smoke from the exhuast on idle BUT,

it starts after about 2mins then stops after about ten mins then doesnt come back till the next time its started up.

its a '90 tt with 80,000miles on clock seems to be driving ok and boosting ok.



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i'm no expert but its not the turbo seals is it.

oh and by the way your car is fookin mint thats exactly how i want mine to look.


well thats what i was enclined to think but its the fact that it only lasts 10mins on idle then doesnt happen again untill the next day, plus its not blue smoke.


and thanks for the comment about my car :D

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nope it dont sound like turbo seals,if it starts when cold and dissapears when up to temp,theres a possibillty that the valve stems are not sealing,once car is up to temp,the valves seat better giving a better seal.


typical examples are for the following.


turbos blue or white smoke

smoke on acceleration/boost

smoke on let off/overrun

smoke at idle up to temp



smoke on acceleration

oil consumption

poor running/low compression

all of the above

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