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Where is all my water going?

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OK im loosing about 1-2 litres of water per 10 miles. What i think is happening is that the stat is only half opening and loads of pressure is building up. The rad is then overflowing into the expansion tank and thats overflowing into the chassis which is why the water coming out is cold, its a mixture of hot, cold from the expansion tank and cold from the chaais. When i pulled up today i could hear running water like had left a tap on, around the expansion bottle area. It was the sound of water running onto plastic, either the rad into the expansion bottle or the overflow of the bottle on to one of the plastic underbelly trays. After letting it cool down the rad took 2.5 litres to fill back up and the chassis was full of water!. There is also a hiss of escaping water/bubbles coming from behind the glove box and it seems to be leaking there. It hisses when you rev the car so it must be under pressure. it also hisses as soon as you start the car from cold, as the car is reving slightly higher? The water the comes out is cold tho. I think its leaking into the chassis and cooling off before coming out, when i accelerate i can hear water running down the car, loads of it like a river!

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