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temp sensor

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My Zed has always idled a bit lumpy since buying it a couple of months ago but drives fine. I decided to look under the bonnet today and have a fiddle. I noticed the rubber cap on my temp sensor has wittled away so I wiggled the wire whilst the engine was running. I noticed the idle appeared to smooth out and also my front fan came on for the first time ever. My question is, my temp gauge has always been spot on and I've never noticed the aux fan come on before. Is the fan coming on because the sensor is now correct or because the car does not know what temp it is? Is it the temp sensor? The yellow one on the left?





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I'll tell you what I know mate, although I reckon one of the more techy bods will help when they're back from JAE. The 2 sensors in the pipe from the water pump are both temp. Ones for the guage and one for the ECU. I can't remember which way round they are.


The conncections on theses are known for becoming unreliable so it's probably worth fiving them a clean and seeing whether this makes a difference.


I think the aux fan should only come on when the engines relly hot but I'm not sure. someone else will no doubt confirm



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the one on the left (yellow) is the ecu temp' sensor

and if faulty or wants cleaning will cause all kinds of problems

as it tells how much fuel to put in, can cause overfueling, missing etc etc

try cleaning it, if it has never been off, no doubt it will be green/dirty

if you try to run the car without it the fan will be on permantly

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