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fuel pressure

Guest nad300

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Guest nad300

Can anyone tell me what the fuel pressure should be at idle ?? also ive noticed recently when i remove fuel cap theres no hissing sound does this indicate a problem ?? as in the past it did make a hissing noise every time i removed cap, now zed wont start & when it does cuts out after few seconds also have done a search & came up with a check valve were is this located & would it cause the symptoms mentioned

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from experience of fuel pump failure (on a different car), the failing pump cant deliver enough pressure so the injectors shut down. Normally it's bearings in the pump, and when they get hot the pump dosn't spin fast enough - car stops. If you let it cool down, car starts again but cuts out shortly afterwards.


Tell-tale signes are debris in the fuel filter from the pump dissentegrating.


Not sure if nissan pumps do this.


Of note, my pump rumbles and in readyness for it's failure I bought one from a fellow member for about £20ish...


Good luck



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