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WOW new Turbo Technology

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Just been reading about this on the GTR club.


Someone on there is running the new VNT technology turbos adapted to fit the skyline and hitting 1.2 bar by 2500 revs :cool:


For people who dont know what it is it stands for Variable Nozzle Technology and is what all the new TDI cars run but they run very high temps at higher revs so OK for a deisel but no good for a petrol car as it revs higher and the EGT temps are too high and the turbo would only last a few thousand miles but as its moved on its been developed further and about to hit the tuning market by storm ;)




Some more info




i believe the new 911 turbo is using them as well :)



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It's not new, aerotek had been making them for ages but they were really expensive (design was suitable for aviation). Lots of the mx5 turbo kits used them, they were impressive.

Basically gives you the same result as having turbos with different A/R ratio on the turbine so quick spool up and low back pressure.

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I suppose what i meant it there starting to adapt the turbo ranges which the tuning world can use and take advantage of :)


If a skyline 2.8 engine can spool these babies up to 1.2 bar by 2500 revs then a zed would beat that and it would make an unbelievable fast road car :)

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Yeah, would be good. Almost eliminates boost threshold but still some lag.

Aerotek went bust a while ago so I'm guessing garrett or someone bought the patent. Mitsi and garett both used to do a less advanced version with one or two veins on the inlet. I think the 405-T16 used one of those, probably about T25 size.

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Oh thanks for reminding me kirbz :cry: lol



My Zed was in Turbo Technics to be the first 300zx to have this setup fitted but they didn't fit not enough room on the drivers side.


I was even thinking about having a Skyline engine fitted or S14 to get these turbos in but decided to stay with the current engine.


I'll just have to get a Motec M800 with anti lag although it's not really the same thing and can't run it all the time.

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Eric did get one running with some VNT's but he used diesel ones and they only lasted about 20 miles or something.

Apparently it felt great for those 20 miles though. Can't remember if that was also the hi-comp low boost engine he was building or not.

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