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Baby seats for a 2+2 TT zed

Guest Chutney

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Guest Chutney

Please help me....I've located a 300zx TT auto. 63K miles, 1993 model 2+2 is pearl white. Right now that's outta the way, have a problem... The wife is pregnant and therefore I'm selling my Kawasaki, in favour of a zed.


The question that I need answering, is there a baby seat that fits a 300zx 2+2? I suspect that there are some parents out there who might be able to point me in the correct direction...well...hoping is a better description.... :headvswal





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If it's an import it will have lap belts in the rear which rules out most car seats really.

You can convert to 3 point UK style belts if you source the parts.


The other problem is that on most Z's the front belts attach to the door (not the pillar as in most cars) so the only way to get a front car seat in is to put it on the seat, close the door and fasten the belts from the drivers side!

This means you can't open the door once the seat is fixed in and is not a great idea for safety in the event of an accident.

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I used to put my rear facing ones in the back ok (but you will need 3 point belt) but the forward facing one needs to go in the front as the bucket type seats in the back make it unsafe to put the seat on. I suppose you could kinda pad out the seat but then you would still need a 3 point belt and the poor kid would have their legs up by their ears lol

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........The other problem is that on most Z's the front belts attach to the door (not the pillar as in most cars) .........


Only series 1 imports though.


All UK cars and series 2 imports have front belts attached to the pillar like most other cars.


Richard :cool:

I have something to say............ It's better to burn out than to fade away..... :tt2:

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Guest Chutney

Excellent, this car has 3 point seat belts in the back and the fronts are mounted on the pillars, not the doors... Sweet...the wife will be pleased...Thanks all for your help.

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Guest infidel

i had to make a filler for the bucket type seats in the back.


i bought a plastic ground sheet and large tin of expanding foam from local DIY.


place the gound sheet over one of the back seat and tuck into all the grooves around the seat, the i filled the area with expanding foam, layering and spraying until level! i then folded the plastic over the expanding foam and gently postioned the child seat on top of it, while it was still wet.


i used the front seat to 'hold' the child seat in the back in place.


leave it to dry, at least over nite, then take it out (whole thing, plastic and all)


when out you'll notice its the exact shape of the rear seat, and further still moulded slightly around the child seat. you can now gently remove as much plastic sheet as possible!


it will be hardish at this stage but not fully set! i left mine to dry for a further 24 hours.


when totally dry you can trim the foam so it looks a bit better, i decided to cover mine in fabric so it doesnt look as bad, and more importantly, doesnt rub on leather.


fits well now, will try and post pics soon!

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