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Brakes advice

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I have had to revert back to my standard 16" wheels since making a flatspot on my 18"s...


Now after fitting new adjustable camber arms and tension rods, I have highlighted a warped disk problem, it's only slight - but a problem none the less.


Heres my dlema!


Do I replace the disks now with standard size disks but make them super duper drilled and groved ones so i am under no time pressure to get my 18" wheels refurbed.




Do I live with the problem while I get my wheels refurbed and buy a bigger brake kit after?


ps... Didn't someone here get ceramic disks recently? were they standard sized or monster disks?

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if your considering going for a bigger brake setup in the near future then i would just take your discs and get them skimmed at a local engine workshop, cost you about £25 ish and will last a while then with no wobble ;)



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Big ones without doubt :p. The Rotora kit getgreddy sells is the ceramic one you are on about, 355mm they are so yes, mahoosive beasts.

I think it is smithy on here that sells kits for bigger discs and caliper spacers to use the stock calipers with them. That alone should give a significant improvement if the calipers are in good working order.

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Guest John Helps

Just fitted a Smithys Kit


Good value Good stopping power


John Helps






Smithys big brake kit, great stopping power and decent ££££
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Guest wozzer

or you can go for R34/33 brembo's from a skyline GTR........you are looking at about...£500 for front's and £750 to £900 for all 4 corner's that's calipers,disc,and pad's......USED....



the R33 bolt straight on to your Zed... :)

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