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zero tollerance blah blah blah

Guest 300zx_girl

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Guest 300zx_girl

stoopid copers havin their zero tollerance weekend... grrrrr



driving thru leisure world last night @ bout 11.30... happened to cruise slow past 3 of them %*£&$ ol' bill and one of them says to the other 'make a note of that registration'....




Plonkers - just coz my car is white, just coz my white car is fast, and just my white car is fast and driven late at night i'm automatically under suspicion!! :headvswal :headvswal

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It's not an attitude I've ever had before but I'm really starting to get sick of the 'nanny state'. I do some stupid things sometimes, and hopefully learn my lessons , but currently I can't go out in the car without feeling like a criminal. FFS I don't drink much, don't do drugs, don't feckin rape,steal and vandalise and yet I can't drive around without worrying about getting a tap on the shoulder.

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when coppers are doing random checks, just pulling people over they have a game of snooker, red car, coloured car, and when all colours are out the pull a black car hhmmm that was mine then!!!


"is that you car madam"


"No officer ive just stolen it, ive drunk fifteen pints, snorted 8 lines of charlie, run three kids over on the way and never gone belo 100 mph"


bloody motorist abused again

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