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The "new posts" option.

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Sometimes I have logged on and clicked the new posts and it says something like "there have been no posts recently" (or something like that anyway). Knowing myself that there has been a post in the last hour (lets say). But other times I log on and there are threads from the night before in there??? Is there a set time that it empties or is it a random thing or maybe even controlled by a Mod?


Its not important but I would just like to know. :cool: Please :bow:

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Its created automatically from the database each time you press the new posts button.


are you sure nobody else in the house has viewed forum while you were away ?


I am sure that they have Dave. Thats what I was wondering. Cheers buddy. :bow:

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Happens to me as well! Thought it might have happened to the resurrected "Is there a God" thread but after some searching it doesn't seem to have become a victim of this bug...it's been deleted instead! Lol! :rofl: :wack:


I would have liked to have got involved in that thread....LOL. It seems its a vague as the subject itself??? :x:

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