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Big Rant- bloody useless colleges

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My girlfriend has had a tough past 4 years doing a degree whilst holding down a job. Finally she finished and last Thursday she got her results- a 2:2.


Initially over the moon to have passed, she sat down and looked at her individual marks and how the overall mark is worked out, and couldn't believe it. She asked me to work it out seperately and sure enough, she should have got a 2:1!!! :shock:


Some tosser has worked out her mark all wrong, and if she hadn't checked it wouldn't have been spotted! :mad: :smash: :headvswal :rant: :xxx:


We're gonna have someone's balls for this...

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Guest TonyT1965

degree results CAN and ARE corrected if a mistake has been made, contact the faculty registrar (or admin) and inform them you'd like a meeting with them re: results.. they WILL meet you and WILL amend the result if there has indeed being a mistake made,..


god i never thought my work would ever come in handy to answer a question.. lol..




p.s big congrats to your girlriend, its hard enough getting adegree full time, but to hold down a job as well is commendable...

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:hyper: :dance: :nana2: Wahoo!!! :nana2: :dance: :hyper:


After a short delay her college have admitted they got it wrong, and they've awarded her with the 2:1 she deserved!!! :bow:


She's chuffed to bits, as am I with her. On the beers/wine again tomorrow! :duffer:


And she wasn't the only one they screwed up the results for, so my spreadsheet has been doing the rounds. :smash:

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