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Thank you God!!!

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Hoorah....I'm no longer an athiest....for now :wack:


What brings this about I hear you say.....




My partners eldest son is 17, he's been whining on about everything as all teenagers do. He's been sponging money from me with false hopes of repayment.......nicking my beer!!!!!! :mad: .....and smoking (if he calls it that) some of my cigars :xxx: ......and worst of all.....tking the p!ss out of the zed and..AND....


Quote "my sad little m8's on the net"


Well God...or who evers in charge smiled on me last nite.


As usual we are the taxi service again :headvswal no beer for me last nite :cry:


Whilst en route we hear bleating noises about no money but can we get beer n wine etc....NO was the reply. Lucky for him his mates had plenty.


Anyway, I was sleeping away and he arrives home at 12.30 last nite, Lindsey lets him in, me still sleeping :) , he promtly legs it to the toilet and throws his guts up :xxx: ....me still asleep :wack:


Anyway I wake up around 6 this morning and get s up n goes down stairs for a cuppa....


In the meantime he gets up.....ok name and shame...his names Ben. Legs it to the toilet...pukes and then walks into our bedroom (I'm still downstairs) and apparently hes covered in sh@t and puke....he didi it in his bed during the nite.....its everywhere!!! meanwhile Im downstairs supping me tea in tranquility.


Lindsey sends him into the shower, I hear someone about so I go upstairs and think....jeez whats the smell.


I find lindsey retching while shes clearing up the mess.....I just p@ssed myself laughing and havent stopped yet.


So anyway, after shes cleared bens bedroom, cleaned the bathroom, got the washing machine going etc etc she says to me.....


Do you fancy a cuppa....


Course I do....I cant stop laughing!!!


Ben says that he had a dodgy stir fry and its not the beer :xxx:


So the way I see it is...


Insult the Zed...you insult the almighty...and revenge shall reign down from on high on the lesser mortals who take the p#ss.


Its made my day....and I got a cuppa out of it.....yay :dance:


I hope you all start the weekend with a smile like I have!

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Why does he take the piss out of the Zed? Please tell me he's into barry-mobiles etc.


That was quite an amusing read. Reminds me of that scene from Trainspotting.





It was exactly like trainspotting, lol.


BTW he cant even drive yet, hes taking lessons....then he says he will take the zed out and show me how to drive it :xxx:


Ive told him...any twat can drive any car fast in a straight line, its when the sh@t hits the fan..no pun intended, lol....that the boys get sorted from the men.


The zed still makes me sh@t myself now and again.....but never beer :duffer:


Im having such a good day so far....its magic!


Tell you what lads, can some one start a thread call....Dear Ben...and tell him what ever you think about his antics.


Cheers lads

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Rofl was just thinking trainspotting take him out in ya zed and he will shit all over again tell what he felt last night is just a warm up to what the zed will do if takes the pishh again! that has made my day howling with laughter.

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