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Ok, my next step is to up the boost, car is uk manual has veilside evolution exhaust and stillen induction kit. Running stock turbos at the mo so would need to be a bit carefull?


I have been advised to use an electric boost controller, @£445. As manual controller not so accurate? i pressume this includes the chip and remap although this isnt specified on quote.


Also told a fuel cut defencer would be needed too @£95


This all comes with a labour bill of £400-£450 + vat


So a bill of over £1000 is expected. Would this be about right? Your advise plz on best wat to up the boost. many thanks



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thanks Krsmayo, i've read a lot about boost jets but am not sure about using them as still got stock tubs, to be honest im a little confused about them.


I was thinking of a controller so its also there for the future for when the big mods come + i can control the boost so i cant over work the stock tubs

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Each to his own and all, but boost jets really arn't a good thing to do to your car. I never had any problems on my old car, then the engine went bang! They are susceptible to boost spikes which can cause damage over time, you also get a lot of extra functions on an electronic boost controller that make them well worthwhile. Do your car a favour and spend the extra cash and do it properly. Also time spent having it properly set up (eg Thor racing or similar) is worth its weight in gold.

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a controller is good so you can turn the boost down for the wet etc, i'm still running standars tubs and 14-15 psi is about the max for them without cooking them. Give Andy P a shout he has a good range of chips for different set ups and he can also fit them , and hes in essex too

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