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Golf GTi

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Looks like I am going to be Zedless for a while as my autobox has given up :cry: , I have seen a Mk3 Golf GTi for sale nearby that I am thinking of buying, taken it out for a spin and other than feeling like I was sitting in a shoebox on wheels it seems to go well with no faults, anyone here own one or know of any common faults I should check for?

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Guest astrassuck

Depends on how old it is. The older ones are pretty bullet proof if they haven't been previously owned by a boy racer! The newer ones are faster but also tend to rust more......apparently!

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Newer one's are faster? The mk1 is fastest then they got slower and slower didn't they? I love my little mk2 8v GTI. My mate has a mk3 and is also a Golf nutjob so I will speak to him this afternoon and post again.


Think he meant Older Mk3 Gti's were slower than Mk3 Gti's..which is true as the early ones were 8v (and pathetically slow), later Mk3 Gti's 16v.

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Slow and overpriced. If you want a faster car of that size, get an Astra GSi, better looking, but there are some crap boxes about.


I used to have a Citroen ZX 16v, rare, but cheap and really quick for what they are. Came with a 160bhp 2.0 16v engine.


Handling is top notch. Build quality on those isn't as bad as other Citroens.






I do recommend them, jolly good fun.

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brake discs dont last long before they wear/corrode (cheap to do tho)

rear calipers can sieze inside where the handbrake linkage goes through, resulting in poor handrake efficiency.

make sure the clutch isnt heavy - will need a new clutch assembly, also self adjusting cables are prone to go.

check for bearing noise & noisy syncros from box

water pumps can leak after a while.


errrr thats about it from memory of my VeeDub days


what engine is it?

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