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Rear windscreen removal / replacement

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Is it a reasonable DIY job to remove and refit the rear windscreen? Or is it something better left to a professional?


I have a patch of rust that I want to sort over the winter and it's unfortunately right on the edge of the rear screen. I'd rather take it out so I can make sure there's none lurking beneath the rubber.


Any advice? Or would I be better off trying to source a rust-free bootlid...?

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Not really a DIY job, also the seal edge strip is A U shape wrapped around the edge of the glass and then bonded in, this means removing the glass and seal edge intact is difficult if not impossible with such fragile plastic, the main strip edge is also no longer available and the top edge that is is near £100, we always use a windscreen guy and he refits it with a universal rubber strip that looks better than original.


Jeff TT

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I had my rear screen removed for repaint and had the pros do it and had it replaced with blue tint glass. Unsupported, the glass is not that strong and can easily shatter, not something I'd want to do myself. I had a new lower seal to go on.


Its a lot more than that now Jeff IIRC. And the SWB one is no longer available


Correct, top trim is about £170.

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Part of the reason I'll be doing this is cos there's a spoiler to go on (once I've tinkered with it a little - former bodyworker and all that :) ) and, obviously, I want the best possible finish and future protection for the tailgate.


Whilst it'd be easier from a financial and space-wise point to use my existing bootlid, I'm more than prepared to get a rust-free one if that's just going to make better sense all round. :)

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