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Z failed noise test for track day

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Hi all,

I'm booked in for a track day in december at Goodwood, but the day has a limit of 98dB.


I was a little worried I would struggle with the noise, even though I wouldn't call my Z loud by any means. The left side exhaust put out 99dB and the right side put out 101dB.


I'm glad I went along to have it checked so at least I know before the event, but I don't think there's much I can do, 3dB doesn't sound a whole lot but it's actually quite a bit to chase in terms of cost.


Looks like I'll be taking my dad's rather docile RX8.


Unless anyone has some magical tips??


Cheers all

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Get a good exhaust shop to make you up a set of exhaust bungs.


It'll quiet the car enough to pass the noise test, then pull them out when no one is looking.

Zed #2: 1998 Midnight Purple 2+2 NA. (owned 2020 - now) 

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if you have round tips u can buy exhaust bungs that will drop the DB down ... i have used them on tracks before ..


Ebay .. ready made from 7 quid each


I wouldn't recommend these I was talking to a few companies who made exhausts and a few other people who say they can damage the engine as you have a free flowing exhaust then a bung that really disrupts the flow, I was told by the guys that made them not to fit one to my pulsar with side exit I made

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Thanks for your help so far guys! I have 4 exhaust tips, individual silencers or bungs sound like the only choice, as my exhaust has no joins until the turbo downpipes, so there's nowhere to interrupt and put a silencer in mid way through. How do these bungs work mark?

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