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Lane change indicator - could this work on the Z?

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Just wondering whether anyone has considered doing this modification? It's a simple 'hidden' OEM-esq type mod which I have been wanting to do for a while now. My last 4 DDs have had it and I find it quite useful on motorway driving.


I have come across some wiring schematics, but nothing that I've actually understood in terms of relays required or what have you. I have come across this: http://e31wiki.org/wiki/One-touch_turn_signal_module but was hoping there may be an easier route to take with this? Just wondering whether groover or phutumsch have looked into this or would know?

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I have come across this: http://e31wiki.org/wiki/One-touch_turn_signal_module but was hoping there

may be an easier route to take with this?


What a small world we live in! That design doesn't work with the standard OEM flasher unit (I've tried). However, I have a prototype that

does and simply bridges the existing wiring. The software is not quite right yet, but it works in principle.

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My vw does this, quick flick makes it flag three times. I hate it! It's too sensitive which leaves me indicating three flashes the wrong way when cancelling. I've got a bit more used to it but ugh, what a useless aggravation it is. Be less lazy Simon lol.


Depending on the year of your VW, you can turn off your lane change function, or in fact change it to a different number of flashes per touch. You need to plug it into a vagcom, pop round to mine and I'll do it for you :)

I too would like to retrofit this function and am keen to see further development of Andrew's mod.

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You know phutumsch likes a challenge, You should have said, hey Andy bet You can't do this.......then he would hide in the garage for a couple of hours then post a video of it done. :gunsmilie:


You have got to know me too well but when I use mine for around 1000 miles per summer the desire isn't there for this I'm afraid, I do have it on the Merc though and along with a lot of the clever things new cars do these days I do find it a good feature :cool3:.

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....for those that aren't too sure, that's the 1-tap function on the indicator stalk to give 3 flashes. Most new cars have this now apart from cheap and/or small cars.


Yup - German cars have had it for years now.... My first Merc had it way back in 1999; but it's taken a few years for others to catch up. Julia's Rav-4 is a 2006 model and that does not have it....


As for the simplicity of using the function (LOL at Si's comments); yes, I do like it as it's a dead handy option. In fact I now have trouble in the ZX and Rav - in that I forget they do not have it!!! So yes, if there was a way to incorporate it into the ZX, then I'd certainly be interested as well....:hyper:


Also, does anyone play the game whereby you challenge yourself to complete your manoeuvre before the end of the third flash....:biggrin:



I have something to say............ It's better to burn out than to fade away..... :tt2:

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