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front bumper options help.

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im in 2 minds about which route to take the front of my zed...


its either 99 spec with fibreglass lip/ slitter


or a 99 spec with a proper custom carbon splitter and canards.


i have the 99 spec bumper and the fibreglass bit, and a large sheet of carbon, so either is possible.


will be getting a carbon bonnet, and have a twinZ rear diffuser/bumper (thanks again mark :thumbup1:) and a very large spoiler.


so its a function over form car really, so the proper splitter would work better as i have enough carbon to give it a complete flat front. i just like my over one as well.


(this is used on tracks frequently)


opinions please..... (dont be too harsh lol)


my old zeds 99 spec and fibreglass bit: option 1.... (trail fitted would be blended on)






not my zed but similar to what i want to do... option 2.... (but with the 99 spec bumper...)





how it looks now. (don't laugh without the spoiler its suicidal, with just i am....:blushing:)



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The second set up would suit the look and function you are after IMO. interesting that you would do this on a 99 spec bumper though. With so much cutting and changing, wouldn't you be better off with an older bumper style and save the 99 for investment or a rainy day if you change your mind?


Good luck with the project though and keep us up to date with pictures of your changes.

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Option one if I had to choose. Option 2 is just plain ugly. You do realise that stock bonnet weighs about the same as the CF one?


yeah i want one with vents in it to aid cooling, but need to do some research into which ones actually do aid cooling.



its also why ive gone for 99 over early bumper as the air flow through them is better




the 99 spec has already been cut ad modified before on the black one it had to be trimmed to fit the lrg intercooler.

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