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Turbos.... rebuild over new

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so im looking into the idea of a rebuild, and got some quotes for that which im happy with.


Im not looking for massive power as i want the car to remain driveable and tbh i haven't got the cash to upgrade all the other stuff that goes with chasing big numbers.


Ive done a search and read quiet a lot of stuff, a lot of it seamed to be from a few years ago so was just wondering if the info ive read is still valid?


Ive seen the recommended rebuild kits..




And feel its something that i could sit and do my self.. now i know i need 2 of them and then to get them balanced.... so looking around £200 for that option. Also the car was an Auto and is now a manual. with going the rebuild way is there any difference to the rebuild kits that i will use? (i know the turbos as 1.75 + 2.00) also would the rebuild effectively take them both to 2.0?


second question is... with the 360 degree bearing installed on the stock tubs. is there anything else i should be looking at upgrading?


next.. what sort of power increase can you expect to see from standard tubs with the sort of rebuild, as i said im not looking for huge power but a nice usable 400 - 450 would be nice.


now if i go the upgrade route then ive been looking at Z1 T525's. is there a lot of difference to the stock (power wise) or would i be better saving the cash and using it on something else?





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I have Z1 525 tubs. They are a great turbo with excellent spool up times and give you a great back of the seat feel, perfect for the power you are looking at. I was given this advise by Jimmer when he rebuilt my engine, and his advise was spot on!!



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Ok I used a local company with a good rep to supply my parts, they were genuine Garrett parts not cheap china knock off parts, so they are obviously going to be higher than the cheap rebuild kits on the bay. Which come out at approximately £50, this is apparently the weak points of say the Chinese made Godspeed turbos.

I'm pretty sure this was for both sides but I cant remember now, so you would have to investigate yourself. Do not forget, you will need the turbos balanced after the rebuild. DO NOT BELIEVE anyone that tells you that you can simply mark the blades and bolts, the speed they spin at the balance tolerance is very fine and they will die pretty quick if they arn't balanced correctly.


For the garret rebuild kit, with 360 degree bearings, and stepped rear oil seals was

£264inc vat

For the Balancing was a further

approx £150(cant find that invoice)


Rebuilding them wasn't very difficult, you just have to be methodical. My car smoked like a pig before they were rebuilt, im talking plumes of smoke. They have now stopped since the rebuild mostly. They no longer smoke on idle, or boost, only on the over run, which I haven't actually decided is the turbos 100%.


After doing some research, this is pretty common with even professional rebuilds. They tend to leak a touch or last a limited time before beginning to leak. A quick serach through the US forums will reveal what I'm saying. The trouble is, the seal may have failed but if the recess they sit upto is also damaged they will never seal 100%.


Now take into account that puling the engine is going to cost you, oil, coolant a gasket or two...Not to mention your time pulling your block etc. Lets say the whole exercise even all done by your own hands cost you £500? that would cover most eventualities.


The gt525 kit Is a BRAND NEW yes new, t28 core. With machined out housings so you get sort of the best of both worlds with them. Have a look at nick z32s car he made loads of power on gt525s, 500hp is achievable on these turbos with the right supporting mods. They are also only a mild upgrade from stock, so run able on stock injectors with the right mapping obviously. Honestly If I was making the choice again, I would have brought these, they are a really price and able to provide a nice little boost to stock power or support you beyond your desired goals.


Im now looking at buying some new turbos from the states (I'm not saying which as its a secret) so its cost me twice...Defiantly a false economy, but I just didn't have the cash to purchase the 525s at the time and I needed the car back on the road.

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