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Dash lights not working again!

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Is it the rain or is just the day?

What fuse directly controls the dash lights? I thought it was the "accessories" fuse that was in the b"gger of a place to get to - behind the drivers fuse panel.

Dash lights not working again.

Replaced that blue fuse again, checked all visible fuses - all fine. Just still no dash lights.

Any ideas anyone? A short somewhere? Battery is good and all pod functions work. Its stumped me!


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hmm that could be something to do with it, has the car got any after market lights that might pull more power. if not it could have just been a loose connection that got hot or something is pulling high current. can just recommend giving connector good clean or source a new one see if it cures it.

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If you are able to rule out he connector, the next to check is the TCU (time control unit) its an opaque little box on the same bracket as the green fuel pump relay behind the drivers kick panel. Check the connector, then open the box and check he tracks on the board, you may have a burnt track, which depending on how bad it is, you will be able to remake the track user solder and thin wire,


I had the same thing happen to me years ago and lost all my dash lights and the TCU was the culprit with a burnt out track on the board.


It controls the light dimming, intermittent wiper, interior light dimming etc, so next port of call for you Greg.

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So, after a replacement TCU - I still have this - taken with flash and without. I can't see how fast I am driving!




Without flash -




See the difference?

I have also noticed a battery drain. I replaced the battery today (£100 lighter now), checked all fuses, checked for damp (none), replaced the accessories fuse, taken the dash apart twice, and now am stumped.

Any more ideas?

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yep theres no more fun then keep taking dash out lol,ive just fitted blue leds in pods looks great,only problem now is the led for the rear heater to show its on goes out when you turn lights on,gonna check fuses tomorrow,and engine check light wont work,bulbs fine,theres always something to do lol.

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