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Oil Pressure Low-ish?

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Hi Guys,


Just picked the zed up after 4 weeks of waiting, worrying and parts buying. The drive back (100 miles) was fine...........however, although I did "baby it" a bit at 60-65 mph and didn't really get above 2500 - 3000 rpm, the Oil Pressure needle never quite got to, what I assume, is the 2 Kg / cm mark (mid point on gauge is 4 and 8 is the max). At idle it was only a 5mm or so above the 0 mark.


Using an online converter, this should equate to 25-28ish PSI. The car drove fine, plenty of power, the temp gauge never moved and all seemed to be fine.


Does this sound ok or does it need further investigation?


Many thanks guys.



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Hi Nick,


To save you the searching - I'd say your oil pressure is fine; but the gauge is not reading properly..... It's a common fault caused by the sender unit failing; it will work fine when cold, but as the engine warms up, the gauge reading drops to low or even zero. You'd know if the oil pressure was poor as the engine would sound like a bag of spanners....


Trouble is, the sender unit is about £100 new....!!!



I have something to say............ It's better to burn out than to fade away..... :tt2:

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Just for anyone else that searches for this problem.....3 hours after and with the engine properly cool, I've just been out to start the car on the drive and lo and behold, the gauge is back to exactly where it should be.


Cheers fellas.




Oil Pressure Low Gauge Oil Sender Hot Cold

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