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Convert N/A to TT?

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Would like some input from you guys on my dilemma....


I have a 1995 stock LWB N/A auto, it is a solid car but its drab and needs a bit of a spruce up, been a zed owner for over 10 years 1st was a Slick N/A (Loved it)


Recently I've been contemplating going down the TT manual route, so do I sell my boring N/A and look for a TT or should I convert what I've got? I have an idea what the convertion will cost, just looking for some feed back on the pro's and con's.


My present Z is a solid car but needs painting, good engine and box, it only really needs a propshaft.


Thanks for looking :)

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Sell up an buy a TT.

Go over to the US sites, and they have extensive documented threads on what is involved to do a conversion. It is a lot of work.


Alternatively fit a VH45DE V8 :)

Zed #2: 1998 Midnight Purple 2+2 NA. (owned 2020 - now) 

Zed #1: 1995 Blue Slicktop NA (2013-2015)


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For the hassle and cost sell up and buy a TT


Yup - I have to agree..... This route will be easier and cheaper Steve!! If you convert your existing car, plus do the sprucing up you are thinking of, it will certainly cost you more. Plus the increased insurance premium as you will have modified the car beyond the original spec!!!


You can buy a decent TT for not too much cash at the mo; so do that and sell your current NA mate...:wink:



I have something to say............ It's better to burn out than to fade away..... :tt2:

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Food for thought guys, thank you, I suppose another alternative would be a manual convertion and spend some money on the N/A lump, I know I wont achieve the same power but would keep the N/A reliability...the V8 route gets the juices flowing...DAZZZZA! (MantaV8) lol

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Well my 2p worth as I have just got mine running after doing a N/A to TT conversion......

There is sooooo much to do to convert it.... Engine, Intake Pipework, TT Fuel pump, Intercoolers, Recirc valves, Radiator, Radiator mounting points, TT front bumper, A/C radiator to start with....

Then there is the wiring harness and ECU.... I cheated and got a TT ECU and left the N/A harness in the car.... I had to fit an Electronic Boost Controller instead and a Boost Gauge.

I bought all mine over a few years from different sources and would not recommend doing it that way...... Gets confusing exactly what you have and actually need.... Bolts, brackets, etc......

I just couldn't afford to sell mine as the old engine had thrown a rod...... so the car was a breaker....


If I were to do it again I would buy a TT that has a good engine, but rotten body and transfer everything over as you can at least see where things are supposed to go then....

Very hard to do when yours never had it in the first place........lol


If you can get a good price for yours and then buy a good TT, then do it....... If you want to put in some blood sweat and tears.....And a LOT of swearing then go for it..... Rewarding, expensive and time consuming....

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