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help please.....URGENT

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can some one please help, just got home from a night out (in the rain) and parked up at home, turned the zed off and the headlights stayed on??? sidelights come on as normal, main beam only one side is bright other side is dim, then swith off all together and main beam on drivers side stays on with a dip beam passenger side, no sidelights, tried everything short of disconnecting battery but didnt want to do that as its chucking it down......never done this before? any ideas please guys and can do without having to leave it on too long dont want a dead battery..............

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Sounds like a relay, I don't know for sure though. Fire it up to keep it charged go to a petrol station so your not getting wet and you're lit and and have a look. It's got to be easy to get rid of if it's come on easily.

Something has changed to cause that to happen, probably a short or stuck relay so give things a wiggle and a knock to change it back.


Hope this helps mate, awful being stranded alone.

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Try the buttons on the right hand pod for fog lights.


And check the indicator stork hasn't been knocked in to main bright lights mode if that makes sense

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hi guys tried a few things, the targa drain is clear so no water in the foot well, tried wiggling a few things, in the end (just for the time being ive pulled the R/H headlight 20amp fuse out from under the bonnet, tried the left one but made no difference, then pulled the right one and lights went out, fuse is fine.....any ideas??

cheers guys

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If L/H makes no difference then the R/H on is pulling through the L/H light.... Could be short in relay...... sounds like it is using the L/H lighting as it's earth??

Usually an earthing problem with cars as old as ours........


It probably is to do with the earthing mate - don't forget that it's the earth connection that is responsible for switching from dipped to main beam. Hence if you have HIDs and simply earth the HID wire, the dipped lights stay on when you switch to main (and still flash with mains when you operate the headlamp flash).



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