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Engine rattling nose

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Hi guys, yesterday my car developed strange noise. It sounds something like when you put a small metal ball inside a plastic cup and shake it.


I'm not sure if the noise is coming from the top of the engine or the back of engine. My car is an automatic, I can always hear the noise when I put the car in drive, and only sometimes in neutral.


Her is a video of the noise (it's dark so you wont see anything but sound is ok.)


Normal engine noise is up to 29 sec, then I put the car in drive and you can rattling noise start.



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Thanks guys! I was hoping that noise will be something more common. I didn't run the car for last couple of days, I was busy.


Tomorrow I will start it a try to make a better video, also I will try to hear my way around engine in effort to pin point noise source. Thx again for trying to help me.

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