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Tech leaking recircs corrosion

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Have done a few tech posts concerning recircs leaking via the diaphram internally giving poor boost issues etc. well this tech concerns a spin on that, whilst looking for the cause if a boost issue in a zed in the work shop the normal boost leak test showed a very large leak at the front under the afm. Luckily the zed in question had an induction kit fitted so was much easier to see what was going on. Initial thoughts were one of the pipe cuffs to the recirc was the issue as I could feel the air escaping in that air with my hand wrapped around it and inflating the inlet pipework.


However once I had better access I could see the cuffs were ok but the metal vacuum inlet pipe that acts on the diaphram was had a bit of an issue, the pictures show how the metal has fatigued as a result of corrosion on the top of the recirc to the point it had fractured through and hence a large leak.


Now this was a first for me and to be honest thought ok an odd ball one, although I did take pics it seems so random a tech would be of little point, however, another zed came in last week with the exact same issue and on the same side too (n/s) so not so random after all, if your in that area worth smearing some grease or similar of the tops of the recircs.


Jeff TT










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Nice on Jeff, i think my car has this issue as well, under boost i get a two tone groaning noise from the front end. So i bought a good set of second hand recircs in anticipation of them being knackered when i strip them out. Interestingly enough i did notice that on of the small pipes was a little bent when i got them so it looks like in service there must be pressure put on this pipe from surrounding components causing it to bend. I say this because mine were corrosion free when i got them so its not corrosion causing them to give way. Im going to do as you say, ive had them vapour blasted to clean them up so will grease em up or put some waxoil on them before fitting.

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