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Targa End Caps

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Was there a difference in targa end caps between models?


Mine are in pretty bad shape so I was intending to replace them with some I picked up (not sure what model they are from) but they seem to be a different size by quite a bit!


My car is a 1990 UK Auto. Not sure what model the donor car was though.....mine are the ones on top.





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Don't think there's any difference Vig. I've got a mixture on mine as the glass is UK, body colour targa trim panels are JDM and one of the interior trim bits is UK and the other is JDM. Everything fits.


- - - Updated - - -


....I have some spare too as well as some red exterior trim that you can have gratis.

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In the pic I attached, my end cap is the rear of the driver side targa. So if all end caps are the same, how come the replacement is larger? If they are mismatched, surely it could only be the same size or smaller?


Confusing. Though I didn't actually check it with the passenger side so I'll do that this weekend...


Probably is just me being dumb! Lol..


thanks for all the replies!


And cheers for the offer Si...I'll try and pop these on but may see what yours are like too when I pop over if that's ok.


EDIT: It is me being slow. The targa was upside down so my cap is for the front, not the back. Lol...it was the end of a loooong day when I was doing this! haha



My Ride

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